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  • Milestones

    2003 - Our company was founded to provide consultancy in logistics for pharmaceutical companies. 

    2004 - Start planning and negotiations for the establishment of a secondary packaging facility in Csongrad. (GVOP 2.1.1).

    2005 - New warhouse and pharmaceutical secondary packaging facility (432 m2)was realized in 6 month with the participation of local companies and professionals.

    2006 - Obtained the License for Secondary Packaging of Pharmaceuticals - Hungarian National Institute of Pharmacy.
             - Obtained ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP (Codex Alimentarius Commission) certificates. 
             - Stasrt the stretch foil rewinding operation for our partner.

    2007 -  Enlargement of our facility with a new building for the stretch foil rewinding operation.  
              - Successfull tender for human resource development (HEFOP 3.4.1).

    2008-2009 - Start building a new warehouse suitable to store cold pharmaceutical products as well as dangerous and highly sensitive substances (ADR products). The new building has 454 m2 warehousing capacity with additional area for offices.

    2011 - Planning for further enhancements of the facility. (DAOP-1.1.1/E-11-0017) 

    2012 - Realization of the enhacement with local companies was done by end of 2012. The new secondary packaging area is 100m2. With this enlargement the facility is approx. 3000m2 with 1800 pallet storage capacity for (+15-25 °C), 80 pallet for ADR, and 96 location for cooled storage (+2-+8 °C).

    2013 - New project for energy efficiency - 30 m2 suncollector for hot water and heating, 100Kw solar panel for electricity.

    2014-2015 - Energy efficicency project underway.